Food for All

Art direction and design for the Food Rescue US gala

Food For All is an annual fundraising gala for Food Rescue US, a nonprofit  committed to ending American food insecurity for families throughout the U.S.

The event highlights their goals for the coming year, celebrates milestones, and allows them express gratitude to their many volunteers and supporters.

We were tasked with producing materials for the event that help promote the FRUS message and new technologies through creative design and strategy.

The right place and size.

As guests crossed the entrance into the gala they were greeted in a large and spacious corridor by friendly Food Rescue US staff accepting tickets and sharing information about the evening’s festivities. Behind those staff members, a 30 foot long wall and 16 foot ceiling presented the perfect canvas to share Food Rescue US’s  new brand and message at a grand scale.

We designed three 6’x4′ banners that shared a connected message. The designs worked both in series as well as individually so that the banners could be repurposed for different uses in the future.

Math + Art = Impact

In addition to the posters and banners, Food Rescue US wanted to maximize the venue space with an art piece that illustrated the impact of their donations.

One dollar pays for twenty rescued meals for the hungry.
Simple math: $1 = 20 Meals. 1 Meal = 1 nickel.

We designed and built this installation depicting twenty plates of food with a nickel coin on the reverse side of each plate. Then once hung on a vertical axis, the plates spun to to show how just 5 cents can provide a fresh meal.


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