Wolfe Hill Contracting

Logo Design and Web Development

WolfeHill Contracting is a custom home builder and remodeler based in Loudoun County serving the Northern Virginia and DC metro area. WolfeHill partnered with us to design their new logo and website.

Logo Design

Carpentry, structural framing, and architectural drawings were just some of the inspirations we mined for WolfeHill’s logo mark. The Virginia-based home builder blends traditional craft with contemporary style, so we aimed to strike that balance in our design. We also wanted to elevate the company’s personal approach to its work and used the chiseled monogram style to celebrate its namesake, Jason Wolfe.

WolfeHill designs spaces for living and entertainment. When you explore the rooms they have built you may notice a consistent influencer in their style choices: nature. Stone, wood, and water are favored materials on the WolfeHill design palette. Naturally, we would use these same elements in their brand colors. They are not just “earth tones,” they are WolfeHill tones.

Web Development

Once we had designed all the brand materials, expanding those choices into a website design was a smooth transition. WolfeHill needed a well-designed site to echo their brand value and showcase their project portfolio. We built a clean interface complete with custom iconography for their services. The design is built on top of a powerful CMS that can grow with the company to meet future scale. We also trained the WolfeHill staff on how to use the backend of the site so they could maintain their web presence autonomously.


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