Food Rescue US

Brand Development and Launch Strategy

In early 2017, Connecticut-based Community Plates re-introduced themselves to the world as Food Rescue US. After years of advancing the fight to end hunger, FRUS was ready to make a historic claim: they know how to end hunger in the United States. Their game-changing approach to an age-old problem leverages mobile technology with an on-demand mentality – and it works in every kind of community in every state. We partnered with FRUS to deploy their new brand in a way that positions them as a bold, trustworthy leader with a mission that matters to every person who hears it.

FRUS Website

The FRUS model is fueled by the participation of three key audiences – food providers (like restaurants and grocery stores), volunteers who transport the food, and receiving agencies that distribute the food to those in need. Our challenge was to create a user experience that speaks simultaneously to each of those three audiences while using design and custom features to highlight FRUS’ modern, technology-driven identity.

FRUS Messaging

More than 50 million Americans are food insecure. At the same time, the United States wastes 40% of its food supply every year. It’s a problem about which every single American should be deeply concerned. We worked with FRUS to develop a streamlined and coherent messaging strategy. First, we framed the problem in a compelling and easy-to-understand way. Second, we appealed to key audiences – food providers, volunteers, receiving agencies, and donors – by showcasing the simplicity of the FRUS approach to solving the problem. And third, we the positioned the newly-introduced FRUS as catalytic-leaders.


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