The Dark Star Group

Messaging and Website Development

The DarkStar Group is a high-impact national security contractor that supports federal agencies with top-tier computer scientists and technical professionals. It also has a really cool name! Our project was to overhaul the company’s look and brand position to make it shine in a very competitive field.

Our first step was two draw a clear distinction between DarkStar’s key audiences: prospective employees and federal clients. We knew that, with many choices, both audiences would have to be quickly convinced that DarkStar was the right partner. Our messages focused on concisely and clearly articulating the company’s distinguishing strengths.

The second step was to deploy the messages into a bold visual environment. We built DarkStar’s new website with a strong color scheme – yellow, white, dark gray – and used high contrast images to evoke DarkStar’s key themes: mission, people, and technology. We also framed the website’s title card, and a suite of related collateral, around a vibrant image of the US flag, so that it is immediately clear that the company is committed to strengthening the United States.


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