Nissint Technologies

Brand Development
Our charge
  • Art Directing
  • Audience Engagement
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Messaging
Client: Nissint Technologies
Delivered: June, 2016

Nissint Technologies is an ambitious software engineering firm that sought to stand out in the crowded intelligence community – with focus on potential employees whose specialized talents attract a great deal of competition. We partnered with Nissint to develop an energetic visual brand and messaging that demonstrates why this is a company with a bright future.

Logo Design

One of Nissint’s core competencies is digital signal processing. We recognized an opportunity to leverage an elemental symbol – signal strength, known to every individual with a wireless device – in a memorable way.

By fitting signal bars in the negative space of Nissint’s N and matching the design with a vibrant orange/blue palette, we forged a logo that leaves a lasting impression.


To attract top talent, Nissint had to talk to their audiences in a way that set them apart from the competition. Knowing that potential recruits have many choices and are likely to be moving quickly as they survey their options, we crafted strategic messaging to concisely and convincingly deliver Nissint’s value proposition.

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